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4 years ago from Krijn Rijshouwer, Product Designer at Framer

  • Florian GrauFlorian Grau, almost 4 years ago

    I'm currently thinking about getting into Framer, but without any coding background I'm a little bit overwhelmed. Especially the necessary indentation of CoffeeScript feels strange at first. I already used Principle and Flinto, which both were far more accessible.

    The reason, why I'm looking for something different is, that communicating interactions made in those application proved to be more difficult than expected: Our dev team runs on windows and they have no way to play around with the prototypes themselves. So I send them videos demonstrating the interaction, but for final implementation they of course also need detailed specs. In times where Zeplin/Invision almost got rid of this step, this feels a bit strange. In the end the whole workflow led to subpar implementations most of the time, time and effort put into building the prototypes could have been better used elsewhere.

    So my hope for Framer would be, that devs can play around with the prototypes in their browser themselves and get a far better feeling for the interactions by this.

    Whats your experience with animation/interaction handoffs?

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    • Judah GuttmannJudah Guttmann, almost 4 years ago

      I recently had the opportunity to use Framer's new handoff system and the devs really appreciated it. But I have also handed them straight up copfescript from Framer and they were able to translate it to production code quite easily.

      I also find that using Framer has allowed me to read their code and tweak animations to my liking. I also find devs enjoy working with me more now b/c I communicate with them in a language they can understand and translate to code.

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