• Marcel M., 6 years ago

    That's quite interesting and I'm really impressed. :)

    I tried some online tools in the past to convert .sketch files to .psd but all of them horribly failed even on simple files (handful of layers, nothing fancy).

    Looks like your conversion is "rock solid".

    Figma lately did a great job to bring professional UI design into the browser and there's Affinity and Gravit. If you ever got your hands on any of these tools you would understand why I would never consider photopea as a tool for professionals at this time and date :( The UI looks fairly outdated and just by trying to move some layers around or selecting elements it feels like you're using Photoshop from a decade ago. Please don't take it personal Ivan. I read your initial blog post and I'm still impressed how far you got from your initial idea in 2012. For me it's more like an "online sketch and psd viewer and converter"

    The value i can see for todays design world:

    • view and convert Sketch files to PSD (#FOMO)
    • no more Mac OS only lock-in bullshit
    • can properly handle complex conversions (e.g. UI Kits with multiple artboards)
    • Fonts get loaded automagically (everyone knows the pain in Photoshop)

    I saw that you're providing an API, thumbs up for that :)

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    • Ivan KutskirIvan Kutskir, 6 years ago

      Thank you :) when making Photopea, my original goal was to make a raster editor, not a vector editor. The UI is not similar to Sketch in any way. But if you know Photoshop or Gimp, Photopea should be familiar to you. I already have several thousands of users, who use it as a replacement for Photoshop in Chrome OS and Linux.

      What do you mean by "Photoshop from a decade ago", besides the gray color of the UI (which you can change in More - Themes)? If you miss some features from Photoshop (or other anraster editor), I will be very glad to add them :)

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