UX Power Tools Just Released their Mobile Design System for Sketch(uxpower.tools)

over 3 years ago from Christian Beck, Executive Design Partner

  • Jon MooreJon Moore, over 3 years ago

    Craft Library has never been reliable for us, so we've avoided using it. Just a personal preference!

    I have personally used this system on multiple real mobile client projects, and have created dozens of new atomic elements for myself on each project, so this system definitely isn't all-inclusive. It can, however, give you a huge jump start.

    I don't expect users to use all of the components in the file, and that's okay! But if they're going to be constructing (the key word) a lot of these components in a similar way anyway, why not get a head start? Text boxes, however they look, are always text + rectangle. I do that the same way every time, so this just gives me a head start and I can customize it as needed.

    One more chef metaphor before I shut up: UXPT is a designer's mise en place https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mise_en_place :)

    Great discussion, Maarten!

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    • M. de Winter, over 3 years ago

      "Text boxes, however they look, are always text + rectangle."

      This defines the difference between you and me. Thats okay. Your tool gives a 'head start', true. Enjoy your week!

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