Gravit Designer released today

over 4 years ago from Alexander Adam, Gravit GmbH

  • Alexander Adam, over 4 years ago

    But regarding operating systems, I guess that will be welcome for that Windows >and Linux audiences. Doesn't make much difference for a Mac user, though.

    Probably but for hand off and considering it'll also be on tablets as well as have for example native GDrive integration I think that's a big plus.

    Pricing now is free but I'm sure you guys will be charging soon enough(?). Or how >are you planning to sustain yourselves?

    No definitely not. We're making money by licensing our powerful framework to other companies and thus can keep the tool always free exactly like we intended it to be.

    Figma doesn't work offline but AD and Sketch does. Figma though has the >collaborative aspect of it, which is it's main selling point and differentiator from the >others.

    Yes but what to do if you don't have internet and need your stuff? Or what if you decide to stop paying for subscriptions, you can not access all your designs ever again ;(

    Prototyping is an interesting feature. I would like to see how you guys make that >work.

    Yeah we have some good plans for that. Thanks for being web based we have huge opportunities on this side :)

    Regarding exports I don't see anything particularly lacking in Sketch—which is the >app I use.

    We have many customers that had redone for example their icons in Gravit because they never exported pixel perfect for fonts in svg. Also the pdf export from Sketch often rasterizes too much whereas Gravit tries to use native PDF Features (masking, blending, effects etc.) wherever possible (though I admit that point might be more important for people using Gravit for print).

    I understand your points for sure and yes just having pixel perfection and maybe anchors / layouting is not enough to switch from Sketch. But the thing is that Gravit evolves really fast and considering the great base we have we can no quickly add the cool stuff like transistions, animations and prototyping and then you might think again about to switch haha :p

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    • Ivan FrantarIvan Frantar, over 4 years ago

      Fair enough and thanks for taking the time to explain. I'll keep an eye though and keep up the cool features coming! ;)

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