Should I buy a Mac and switch to Sketch?

over 6 years ago from Ettore Tortora, Product Designer

  • Vincent Jouty, over 6 years ago

    I was doing some freelance with a team of 6 people recently, working on a really really huge and complexe project. All of them were using the adobe CC solution. When the manager was able to get a budget in order to update their whole computer set-up. They did choose the mac and sketch combo (Yes, I did argue for them to do it). I was there to help them during the transition and gave them a 2h course/presentation of sketch.

    The real pain was to setup the sharing library. It took us about 2 weeks to have something up-and running. We used a mix between craft shared library from invision and the native sketch templating feature running on the Creative cloud file sharing... It 's faaar from being perfect, some times the synch doesn't work, some time it mixes your changes with the original template, some other time it duplicate every single symbols. We rapidly began to keep a backup of every single step to finally we decide having a UI design shync meeting twice a week in order to decide what we will going to update inside the library. But when they saw the sketch nested symbols+constraints at work... Boy! Nobody wanted to use photoshop again.

    Mac O.S is easy to use and if you have other user in your team you will never get stuck. Sketch is also really handy it will take you no more than few days to be familiar.

    Money concerns appart you should to go for it.

    Except If you have some SERIOUS graphic needs (like 3D or really heaving photoshop work) any macbook pro will work perfectly for UI work. Mine is the cheapest 15" model from 2013 and the only time I feel a real game changer on the performance is when I use my friend's war machine, built for 3d with 2 cpu, 2 Gpu and 64gig of ram.

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