Should I buy a Mac and switch to Sketch?

over 6 years ago from Ettore Tortora, Product Designer

  • Nice ShoesNice Shoes, over 6 years ago

    Spending $3k + to use a (buggy) piece of software?

    Why not use Figma or Adobe XD?

    I use mac, but always have. However, i sometimes wished I moved to PC. They're more customisable and more powerful and Windows is really upping the aesthetics game.

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    • Ettore TortoraEttore Tortora, over 6 years ago

      Is Sketch really that buggy? Like frequent crashes or what? It wouldn't be the only software anyway. I've always wanted to use stuff like Principle, Flinto, etc. which apparently have no intention to develop a Win version.

      Figma doesn't convince me. It seems something you'd use only if you don't have a Mac. I don't even consider Adobe XD which is in beta (tried and uninstalled after few mins).

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    • Nikola DurkanNikola Durkan, over 6 years ago

      As someone who has just built a shiny new PC after only using MacOS for the last ten years I have to say that I'm really disappointed by Windows 10. I was hoping that the Metro stuff would bring along some UX improvements but everything that was bad back in Windows 7 is still bad now. Actually I'd say it's worse because it has some new parts and some old parts and you're constantly moving between them. So I can be in settings which looks clean and new and then I pick something that I want to change and BAM! – I'm back in a modal from Windows 98.

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    • Dan RodneyDan Rodney, over 6 years ago

      Remember that XD is beta software. While XD shows promise, it's far from being ready for professional production work. It has no styles, no JPEG export, no grids, and more.

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