Should I buy a Mac and switch to Sketch?

over 6 years ago from Ettore Tortora, Product Designer

  • Sam Bible, over 6 years ago

    Fwiw, I have the new Macbook Pro and have been loving it. But starting out you can get going much, much cheaper to see if MacOS is a good direction for you. If you have a monitor, you could start with a refurbished Mac Mini:

    I made the switch to Mac 8 years ago and used Mac and Windows side-by-side for a few months before switching completely. It felt like a big risk at the time and there was certainly a learning curve getting used to a new OS, but I haven't looked back. For me the value has little to do with the differences in operating systems and everything to do with the software available. Over the years that has ranged from screen recording software to front-end editors (MacRabbit Espresso!) to design and even stuff like rails/git/npm. The best way I can recommend evaluating your decision is to look at the software that's central to your daily work and base it on that. Good tools are worth the investment.

    Of course as mentioned, you always have Affinity Designer and Figma. I will say though that once I started using Sketch alongside Photoshop in my workflow it didn't take very long at all till I went all in.

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