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5 years ago from Eliot Slevin, Nostalgia Maker

  • Eliot SlevinEliot Slevin, 5 years ago

    Oh man another cardist designer! Cool!

    Not having visuals just sort of happened for a few reasons.

    1- the visuals weren't always the most interesting thing about the project. For example ScoreHorse isn't aesthetically that impressive, what's impressive is that I self taught and built it. The kanye west chatbot doesn't actually have that many visuals- it's a chatbot.

    2 - matching all the visuals against each other was tricky. The header had such a huge range of colours and motion, it was lush as - to then scroll down into even more visuals, all kinda counteracting each other was a bit weird. I did try it, but I gave up on it.

    I do agree its not perfect, it's something i'd like to try solve in version 5 :)

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    • Tim SilvaTim Silva, 5 years ago

      Sweet, I appreciate the insights. I respect the thought that the visuals aren't always the most important detail. I do think that selecting/producing a nice visual is an effective way of enticing someone to click on the item. You have arguably accomplished this with the simple title/description grid, although my guess is that some people just might no click on any of them. I have no data to back this up of course so take it with a grain of salt. ;)

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