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2 years ago from George Vou

  • George Vou, 2 years ago

    To answer a few questions here. There are 2 reasons I posted the PH link instead of the direct link.

    1) DN doesn't allow you to post the same link twice and our URL has not changed since the update

    2) We re-launched it on PH today with all the new stuff. When you hit the link you land on a page that very clearly has 2 options: 'Get it' or a number with an up arrow to vote. You have a choice.

    I completely get the cynicism but I'm finding it extremely hard to post anything anymore without a an 'over sensitive' reaction with negative connotations. We can only work with what we have and thought it would be a little pointless to write that as a full explanation.

    I don't mind making adjustments if more people think it's necessary.

    and Christian, to your comment of 'keeping shit like this out' - this is a super useful, FREE resource that we created for people that this community supposedly represents.

    It's like owning a bakery and getting shit for giving out a load of free cupcakes! Yeah I want you to come again but I'm still giving you something, you don't have to take it if you don't want..

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