The adJelly Size Guide 2.0(

2 years ago from George Vou

  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 2 years ago

    ...has someone the link to the actual website? Why did you post the PH page and not the actual site?

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    • Lu MLu M, 2 years ago

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    • Sam SolomonSam Solomon, 2 years ago

      It's because they want you to upvote them on Product Hunt. Otherwise they would have just posted the website.

      Product Hunt is interesting to me. There are so many people blatantly gaming the system. It's one of the few newsboard-esque websites that doesn't frown upon it.

      Personally, I stopped visiting the site a while ago. Those with connections or best-gamed the system made it to the top, not the most interesting products.

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      • Ahmet SulekAhmet Sulek, 2 years ago

        Feeling the same, as one of the top makers on PH, I don't think the system is fair like GitHub, Reddit, HN or DN. If you're a friend you can launch website partitions as different products and if you don't get along they just remove your product from the system and I must say it's definitely hard to satisfy PH Gods.

        I rarely visit the website while it was first thing to check a year ago.

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