Why we don't sell hours (Do you?)(medium.com)

over 4 years ago from Keni Teh

  • James Young, 4 years ago

    I'm not sure I understand #3.

    What do they want/need is surely the question asked at the beginning of the conversation then you still need to estimate how long it will take.

    If someone says they need "a way to help their users better filter products when searching their eCommerce site" how do you estimate how long it takes - I've never had a client sign off on something without at least an estimate of how long something is likely to take.

    It's not like anyone can reasonably say a job will take exactly 3h42m but you can at least ballpark something based on experience and your skill to give a client a rough idea of what to budget.

    The other way we often try to work is to establish what their budget is first - oddly, in web it often seems like asking for a budget is a shady thing and clients think they should keep it secret. We try to reverse this and when we have an idea of budget and project requirements, we'll deliver as many features as possible within that scope.

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