A girl who codes: Why that matters.(ckl.io)

almost 3 years ago from Marcella Fontes, CheesecakeLabs

  • Josh Sanders, almost 3 years ago

    what exactly is your point in this comment? Nothing he said was sexist, yet you attempt at insinuating an underlying theme. Get off your high-horse if you're not going to bring any value to this thread.

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    • Ghaida ZahranGhaida Zahran, almost 3 years ago

      Every other response here is from a man. You mad I interrupted the "Diversity. PISH!" circle jerk you got going on in the post? You and Matt are just two more men on the internet that feel they have to correct every woman's opinion. It's all so predictable and boring. GOOD DAY, SIR.

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      • Connor NorvellConnor Norvell, almost 3 years ago

        DN is more than a majority male, thats another issue for another time.

        if one thing holds true on the internet, DN Included, its that everyone has to correct everyones opinions, not just women's opinions, everyones. yes I fully understand the irony of what I just said, moving on.

        Everyone gets critiqued, and has their point torn apart. Many of them, much worse than this thread I might add. And many of those written by men.

        This thread isn't an attack on diversity, or women. its a dissection of the article.

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      • Josh Sanders, almost 3 years ago

        wow.. you sound like a really angry person!

        1) no I'm not mad? not sure where you got that from.. was it me asking you a question? GOD FORBID someone who is a man asks you a question without you getting offended.

        2) "circle jerk post"? thats the best analogy you could formulate? hmmm, that's quite a gender-focused attack... not very mindful of you.

        3) overgeneralizing statement "just two more men on the internet who have to correct every woman's opinion". Now that's quite an assumption!

        I didn't correct you anywhere in my original comment, so strike 1 for you. Claiming that I correct every woman's opinion? False, as you have no basis for such a ridiculous claim like that.. strike 2. And how dare you refer to me as 'Sir' in your ending sentence. You have no idea what I identify with, and that's quite ignorant and close-minded of you to assume that just because I'm a male. not so fun losing at your own game is it? Strike 3. You're out. OMG, did i just make a baseball reference? shoot, baseball is comprised of majority males, let's go throw a tantrum now because we 'need' women in the MLB.

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