A girl who codes: Why that matters.(ckl.io)

3 years ago from Marcella Fontes, CheesecakeLabs

  • Jacob TaylorJacob Taylor, 3 years ago

    Two things on this

    The core issue here, is it seems, that females are simply not interested in the tech field.

    This is an inference you have made for yourself. Perhaps their are other reasons that woman are not enrolling in courses that lead to tech jobs.

    The way I read your statement is as follows: Women hold most of these job but its not fair that they don't hold even more

    This is not what is being said at all. The statement is making a comparison between professional numbers as a whole and the numbers within the IT sector, and asking why that discrepancy has occurred. It's a perfectly legitimate question.

    I think you are being nitpicky with your correction of this statement.

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    • Matt WilliamsMatt Williams, 3 years ago

      Yeah thats a good point. I definitely made an inference there where I otherwise should not have. I made a guess based on the statistics, so that's fair to call me out on it.

      Pertaining to your second I'm with you. But I think it's okay for us to be nitpicky about the language used in the context of sensitive subjects. Too often, you see people being torn apart because statements are left open to some interpretation. I only wanted to give advice on avoiding those situation. Thanks for pointing that out though!

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