Single designers in teams, how do you get design mentorship or coaching?

over 3 years ago from Ravi Agrawal, Product Designer, Front End Developer

  • diego fernandezdiego fernandez, over 3 years ago

    I always wondered the same, and after a few years of trial and error I came up with a list that kinda makes sense:

    Local/Online communities This one is the easiest route and the one that opens doors nearly anywhere in the world.

    Communities that meet IRL and have events are in most cases very friendly and looking for new attendants. Check out Meetup

    Online communities such as Designer News can always keep you entertained, and give you a chance to showcase stuff.

    Other communities that I have found friendly, open and always entertaining live in Slack: Design Inc., Spec, NomadList

    School/University Reach out to your favorite professor/s. I maintain contact with a few that I reach out from time to time to discuss more high-level stuff than "just design."

    Your company If you are working for a startup, it's very likely that the founders and yourself have access to a network of VC firms, and even know someone in their network that can introduce you.

    I have been lucky to work for a company with access to FirstMark Capital, which is always organizing events and meetups to assist people in their portfolio to share experiences and knowledge.

    Finding a mentor can be difficult, but is possible if you reach out to people.

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