Single designers in teams, how do you get design mentorship or coaching?

4 years ago from Ravi Agrawal, Product Designer, Front End Developer

  • Alice PhieuAlice Phieu, 4 years ago

    Local design meetups, hackathons and conferences are a great way to find mentors. That's how I met one of my mentors, and that's also how she found hers.

    I also wouldn't limit yourself to just designers. Remember that UI/UX design is not just visual design :) I've worked with PMs who are just as good as my design mentors. Even though they lacked design skills, they had years of experience working with designers. Through them I've learned some product strategy, how to collaborate better with developers, research, technical writing, etc.

    Mentorship is a two way street. Just the other day, I showed my PM what a user journey is and how to create a user flow using LucidCharts. People in early stage startups usually wear multiple hats. This is your chance of mentoring others too.

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