Single designers in teams, how do you get design mentorship or coaching?

almost 3 years ago from Ravi Agrawal, Product Designer, Front End Developer

  • Dan Taplin, almost 3 years ago

    I hope this question get's answered as my last two roles have been as the lead creative. While I've definitely improved through non-stop reading, research, exploring and the like. The difference it's made having design friends give me feedback has been great.

    The only advice I could give is to rely on your fellow designers as much as is possible / acceptable and /or move jobs - which is one of many reasons why I'm looking to move jobs. The lack of design understanding / thinking is crushing my soul.

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    • David FairbairnDavid Fairbairn, almost 3 years ago

      I'll second this one. As the design lead in a small product development group, it's hard to improve when there aren't other designers on staff to help make things better. Articles and reading can only do so much.

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