Voltra! An iTunes alternative for Mac, Linux AND Windows(voltra.co)

over 4 years ago from Aprile Elcich, Founder @ Voltra Co.

  • Paolo Fragomeni, over 4 years ago

    We are using Stripe, they do a pretty good job at this. Setting your payout level will batch your transactions and make your monthly statements easier to read, especially if you sell a lot of music.

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    • barry saundersbarry saunders, over 4 years ago

      Cool! I was asking more about the experience for the user - micro subscription services often suffer because there's a cognitive stress to making a purchase decision. I don't think I could use a service where I had to question if I was purchasing a song every time the next song came on. If I could set a max level of expenditure - eg I'm happy to spend up to $15 a month on purchases and then skip paid songs after that - it'd be easier to use.

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      • Aprile ElcichAprile Elcich, over 4 years ago

        We've thought a lot about this and we completely understand what you mean. Yes, you will be able to set a spending limit, and have integrated visual cues so you know how much you've spent at any time. We hope this will help people to feel more comfortable with the model, we also take feedback to heart; we'd love to hear more of your thoughts when we get to that stage!

        There's also still the standard 30-second free previews and straight-up music purchasing for those who aren't ready for stream-to-own, and the option to turn it off entirely. But we're definitely excited about the prospect of the idea.

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