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4 years ago from Siddharth Arun, Product Designer

  • Katie MacoyKatie Macoy, 4 years ago

    The sample resume that this generates (dropbox) has kerning that is bonkers. The text is nearly illegible

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    • Laurens SpangenbergLaurens Spangenberg, 4 years ago

      Try downloading it, it seems that Dropbox borked the file in the preview. It looks much better in Preview and Acrobat. While it's still kerned (or tracked) a bit too tightly, it's much better.

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    • Siddharth ArunSiddharth Arun, 4 years ago

      Yes, viewing the PDF on a browser does have some issues with kerning embedded fonts. I'll be implementing a fix where the sample link will take the user to a live public resume page (e.g - — where the user can see the web version and also download the PDF.

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