Affinity Designer VS Sketch

over 3 years ago from Alex Yakir, Designer & Developer

  • chirpy zzz, 3 years ago

    Neither Sketch nor Affinity Designer were originally created for UI design. Both were originally created as competitors to Adobe Illustrator. People that design UI just sort of latched on to Sketch because of some of its features, but more importantly because of its plugin development community. Sketch would not be nearly as useful without all the awesome plugins that people have created for it. Adobe XD is not NEARLY ready for mainstream use. It lacks A LOT of stuff. I used it for about 6 hours one day and got so fed up with lack of features I rebuilt the entire project I was working on in Webflow.

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    • Marty Dunlop, almost 3 years ago

      Sorry, but Adobe Illustrator is the tool for actual UI design creation and element development. It's the only legacy vector package from Adobe. (Fireworks also, prior to its decease)

      Affinity therefore, as far as I can see right now, is then of course intended for UI design and the same level of digital asset creation as Illustrator is.

      Sketch, yeh, that is an artboard workflow tool that leads on to instant device testing and prototyping. It has like you say extended its library of functions to make UI design on it a primary task.

      Adobe XD has the name and brand behind it, but still, like you say, a far leap to go.

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