Affinity Designer VS Sketch

over 3 years ago from Alex Yakir, Designer & Developer

  • chirpy zzz, 3 years ago

    Webflow is awesome, however in Affinity Designer you can specify elements to have percentage widths and heights with the Constraints panel. It's actually really cool. What really bugs me about all these tools is that none of them let you make tables. Do I really need to pull up Microsoft Excel to create a table that I can drop into my design (whether that be Sketch, Affinity, or Webflow)? InDesign really has that only decent table creation and styling ability of any design app. That is sad. I know tables are not used for layout, but they are still used to display data. Plus it is way harder to style div elements to be table-like for a quick mockup than it is to just make an html table. Kind of weird.

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