Re-designing Sketch(

over 3 years ago from Ivan Boyko, Founder at Icons8

  • Carey SpiesCarey Spies, over 3 years ago

    I enjoyed reading this article for how much it made me think. I hadn't considered till now how most of the "quality of life" improvements Bohemian could make, for me, are functional or under-the-hood changes. Not being able to swap out a nested symbol if it's a different size, performance problems with too many nested symbols, symbols being duplicated when copying from a different file, renaming a layer name to "Mask" when you use it as a mask, just to name a few.

    This article largely talked about visual updates, which, while nice, I couldn't see improving my day-to-day that much. Moreover, I believe it is possible to do some user research even with small side projects such as these. Talk to some power users, talk to some first time users. Discover the real customer problems and solve those, otherwise its just an article about self-design.

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