Re-designing Sketch(

over 3 years ago from Ivan Boyko, Founder at Icons8

  • Ron SchramaRon Schrama, over 3 years ago

    Some very nice points and well written! And respect for someone daring to to re-design a heavily used design tool such as Sketch. I like how he made the top bar versatile, as a lot of the action's I got there are only used for 1 sort of element most of the times.

    However you can clearly see it's redesigned based on own experiences. For example: with the extra white space in the right bar (box 3) it is made for big screens. It will most likely turn into a scrollable area when working on a laptop. Which makes it less easier to use. While the extra white space for position/size etc, isn't really necessary as most people just tab between those or use muscle memory to click on the required field.

    Oh, and I'm surprised he got accessibility issues with guidelines. Easily usable with rulers. Because, i am not sure about putting elements on the canvas it self. it should be clean to avoid interference with the artboards.

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