• Joseph Decker, 4 years ago

    In my opinion, the story should fit the user's environment/state. Is the user willing to scroll in order to understand the whole story? Does he/she have time for this, if not, can he/she re-enter the story easily?

    Is the story "scannable" and understandable without reading every single word? Can the user find specific information when he/she returns?

    Does it need to act as a page that the user uses to commit actions? Is it purely a page that provides information?

    Many questions should be considered when deciding the length of a mobile webpage, same for desktop. It depends on many factors and understanding the state of the user. The length of a mobile website is linked to the function of that mobile website.

    What we do know, is that users will scroll if the content is correct. If the story (storytelling) is worth scrolling for.

    Heck, people nowadays care less about being run over by a car when they are scrolling through the mobile browser — one of the reason why an experiment with a traffic light being integrated into the sidewalk is introduced, here in the Netherlands.

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