Element: A Desktop UI Library for Vue.js(element.eleme.io)

over 4 years ago from Clay MacTavish, web developer

  • melissa oliveira, over 4 years ago

    Just compare the man and woman in the illustration:

    Woman: - vulgarized, lowered position shows the buttock - short very short - T-shirts open on the back - The woman is a secretary...

    Man: - normal clothes - the position of the man does not sexualize him - he uses a image of code on his back, is "smart" - he is building the code

    Why man and woman could not be equal? Why ridicule the woman? So, it's not funny...

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    • Clay MacTavishClay MacTavish, 4 years ago

      Vulgarized? Wow.

      This community is totally incapable of interesting dialog. DN used to be a good place to discuss design and development, now everyone just projects their own bullshit onto other people's work.

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      • melissa oliveira, 4 years ago

        I understand that it is a space to discuss design. Design goes beyond interfaces, design is to interact with people, talk to them. Prejudice exists in all areas and needs to be discussed so as not to hurt more people.

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