Dashboard UI Kit - Update

over 3 years ago from Jan Losert, Product Designer, Webflow Enthusiast, Digital Product Creator, JanLosert.com

  • Jan Losert, over 3 years ago

    Hi James, yeah I had a similar thoughts before I started building those Kits. But then I quickly realised the market. There are two groups I would say:

    1. People who can't design but needs to put ideas on the table - Product managers or even CEOs are sending me thanks emails about how easier their life is that they can just quickly put different menus a top bars and add a few widgets into canvas so they can present it to their designers/developers.

    2. Designers who use these mockups as a starting point. I've been surprised as well as you are. But you can even see some copied pieces of this UI Kit on their shots. But mainly I'm getting positive reaction to the enormous number of elements and different types of graphs and tables I've created. These designer then quickly drag and drop these widgets to their Sketch/Photoshop projects and don't have to spend much time figuring out the grid and such.

    Makes sense?

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    • James Young, over 3 years ago

      Yeah sure does - I assumed there must be a market out there and I can absolutely see the value of some of the components (dropdown styling, error messages etc) but always felt the bigger page layouts etc might be too specific for practical use.

      Thanks for the answer - it's always been something I've wondered about :D

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      • Jan Losert, over 3 years ago

        Yeah :) Same here with that. We even use those components in Tapdaq as well. So I know it's quite nice to have those. Every person with Sketch in company can do nice visual wireframes and stuff. Which in some situations is pretty cool.

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