• Radu CeucaRadu Ceuca, over 8 years ago

    Something I started using a lot since CS6 for fine-tuning icons: ?+K is a shortcut to Preferences > General where you can find the "Snap Vector Tools and Transforms to Pixel Grid" checkbox.

    If you want to add a raster mask on a shape layer with blending effects, the "Layer Mask Hides Effects" checkbox from Blending Options > Advanced Blending could come in handy and save you some extra work.

    ALT + moving the selected layer with the mouse duplicates it but if you also press SHIFT it will constrain the movement of the new layer to the x or y axis

    Don't use Strokes on anything rounded if you want pixe-perfect results. They're messy.

    This: http://cl.ly/image/3R0B2t07160C (Fireworks workflow legacy)

    And finally, something I noticed few people know: you can duplicate a layer directly to a new document. No need for drag & drop...

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