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6 years ago from dean jenkins, Director

  • Richie KhooRichie Khoo, 6 years ago

    Nice site! I just created a profile

    Couple of UX issues.

    1. The date picker looks nice but is very hard to use, I had to abandon adding qualifications as I couldn't set the year to 2016 and got frustrated with it.

    2. Now I have a public profile are you sharing my email address publically anywhere. Id like to assume not, but just to reassure everyone maybe add fine print under the email address on the profile page, or such.

    3. iGuy seems a little sexist, especially as the Icon having a pink/purple top really could apply to any gender. Suggest a rename towards greater inclusion.

    It's a great site, love the clean bold colours and the friendly illustrations, well done!

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