• perfume lperfume l, over 3 years ago

    Wake up early.

    (which has to compensate by going to bed early too, or else it'll be worse if you don't have enough sleep)

    It's amazing how much you can do in a couple of hours. Zero distraction, but unlike working at late night - your mind calm, your brain fresh, your body not tired, your self control still intact, and a sense of accomplishment that you can beat your procrastinated self (and some silly thing like the good feeling when you found that you wake up before most other people in the town)

    This is the "20" in Pareto's 20/80 principle, where important stuff get done. It's best for..., seriously, anything you want to do.

    I used to be in night owl camp all my life, but getting older, my body tells me that it's not healthy to work overnight like that anymore. Plus having to work full time job made me tired and don't want to do anything productive anymore when I back home.

    So I switch my sleep habit...and I wish I could found it earlier. 10/10 would do again.

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