New Browser Opera Neon for Mac(

over 4 years ago from Matthias Hoyer, Lead Engineer Website at STYLIGHT

  • Darrell MooreDarrell Moore, over 4 years ago

    Just a thought. Give users the option between big bubbles for tabs, or small bubbles for just favicons. As I personally find the right sidebar takes up much more real-estate than need be.

    Other than that, I found everything intuitive. Read the icons perfectly from first glance. (I'd assume people could question what the camera is, but I caught the screen snap hint from the website).

    Well done overall!

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    • Marcin Mnich, over 4 years ago

      Thanks Darrell, you are absolutely right - small bubbles would be a first choice for most users. In my opinion, after a months of working on that project, users would go for them because they are just used to old, small, normal fav ics - as they see them daily. That is when you design something that is already there and no innovation happen. There is also a reason for keeping pictures in the big bubbles - picture means more information for user, more information means more control and more control means less mess in a session. It is just easier to change and close tabs because you can boost your memory by visual information - you just remember whats there only by looking at the bubble, with no need to click it - after some time with Neon you will se how hard it is to switch back to "normal" browser - you will just miss those pictures, I can promise you that :)

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      • Darrell MooreDarrell Moore, over 4 years ago

        Definitely see your point already after using Neon all day yesterday and trying back at Chrome this morning.

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