• Greg Warner, almost 5 years ago

    I try to restrain myself from setting expectations for what makes a good portfolio. I want to see: Emphasis on the work, not the designer or portfolio itself. Evidence of initiative and thought: at least lean case studies showing thought process toward a solution. While definitely secondary, I like to see a degree of character and art direction to the portfolio itself. An utterly minimalist portfolio design to me generally indicates a lack of design personality. Add a bit of color, a textured theme, a good display typeface, and a witty headline or bit of bio copy. Show that you know how to speak to people and not just design Photoshop comps. A best example of each type of work the designer considers to be a personal strong point, that would be applicable for the job in question. If you're seeking to design for web/mobile/software, designing and crafting your own site is definitely a good selling point, even if it's simple. It shows that you care about how things are made and want to understand the tech behind your work. Show that you're hungry and a learner! That really goes farther than anything, and is a big selling point even if you have room to grow aesthetically.

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