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over 6 years ago from Mike A.,

  • Karl DanningerKarl Danninger, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    The key benefit in my honest opinion is personalization. There are dozens of switches to choose from, they all feel VERY different from the rest. Learning the feel of each switch is gratifying, and i'm a much faster typer on my MX Clears or MX Blues than I've ever been than using the scissor switch on macbook keyboards (and I've been using macbook keyboards full-time pretty much since highschool) my WPM also jumped about 20-30 after a week or two... That's not saying much as a coder since you aren't paid by your WPM... my wrists don't hurt nearly as much, my fingertips also don't feel like they are slapping dead weight anymore. The actuation of a mechanical IS NOT at the bottom of the keystroke. Some switches are in the middle, and others are near the top of the key press. Getting used to the key travel and when the key actuates is important. To me, it's so friggen hard to compare. It's a love it, or hate it thing. But I strongly feel that people that invest the time and effort to get comfortable with a switch they like, it pays off.

    Edit: I know some people that have used MX Blues their whole life that switch to MX Reds or even something completely out of left field like a Topre switch or a Gateron, and they instantly fall in love with it. It's a matter of finding the switch that works for you and makes your fingers little happy clams :)

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    • Travis Arnold, over 6 years ago

      Thanks for that explanation! I'm going to go for it. I've been experiencing some wrist pain lately so I'm going to try and switch (no pun intended haha) things up to see if it helps.

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    • A Paul, over 6 years ago

      Interesting. Are there any mechanical keyboards that AREN'T loud as hell? I'm surrounded by developers at work and the sound of their keyboards banging all day drives me absolutely insane.

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      • Karl DanningerKarl Danninger, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

        ROFL! Me too! Yes, there are. Topre switches especially the HHKB Type-S is very quiet, and has a more familiar feel since it incorporates a rubber dome. Kind of feels like a piano key(?)

        The only problem is, is that particular keyboard (to me) is expensive as hell :/

        Edit: My MX Clears with rubber dampeners is fairly quiet. I would even say it's quieter than my new macbook pro with these ridiculously shallow clacky ass scissor switches! I do like the new macbook pro keyboard (probably for the sound alone) hahaha, as I love irritating my coworkers :troll:

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