Recommendation for keyboard and mouse

over 6 years ago from Mike A.,

  • Sebastien Bartoli, over 6 years ago

    I personnally went the mechanical keyboard way. It's fantastic and feels much better typing all day long.

    I use a Vortex KBC Poker 3 with Cherry MX blue. Smoothest feel and most satisfying clicks all around. The 60% layout saves room on your desktop and you get used to combinations keys really fast (for arrows, functions keys, etc.)


    Apple Magic Trackpad for the mouse. So much time gained with gestures and multitouch. Works like a charm on Windows and Linux too.

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    • Joffrey LacourJoffrey Lacour, over 6 years ago

      Same for me! POK3R with Cherry MX Red and blank keycaps, and a Magic Trackpad. I'm in love, as it replaced my Apple Bluetooth keyboard and takes about the same space on my desk.

      My POK3R

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