Recommendation for keyboard and mouse

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    Logitech Wave

    Logitech Wave for multiple reasons:

    • The horizontal wave allows the fingers to know where they are in the keyboard
    • A few customs keys
    • Quick access to sound
    • I prefer with the NUMBERs keypad to work faster
    • The delete button is huge and often used
    • I have enough "pillow" to place my hands and rest them
    • The zoom key allows a quick view of your apps
    • Is wireless but batteries can last 1 to 2 years :)
    • Never broke any key
    • Quick access to the Calculator | I use it often, for programming and design calculations
    • Is not white | doesn't look as dirty as white keyboards


    Logitech G700S

    Logitech G700S

    The same thoughts go when choosing a mouse:

    • Wireless | for meetings
    • With cable when working
    • As many buttons to customize as possible
    • Customize the buttons per App | Photoshop, Chrome, Email
    • Quick button to open Explorer / Finder
    • Quick change tabs in browser
    • Quick create layers and duplicate and delete in photoshop
    • Is not white

    I choose my keyboard and mouse, I think, 8 years ago and never changed. Every time I go to a colleague set up it pisses me off.

    This setup is productivity all the way.

    PS: I am not sponsored by logitech by all means, but I should!

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