Any designers using 12" Macbook?

4 years ago from A Paul, Lead Designer

  • Owen McFadzenOwen McFadzen, 4 years ago

    I had a 15" MBP then got a 12" as a second machine. Things went well enough for me to sell the 15" and now I've worked solely on the 12" for the past 4 months.

    • Sketch runs well +Affinity programs run well
    • Mail and all my PM software runs well too.

    But here's the killer

    • Browsing with my tab habit kills it...

    So on the way home from Japan in a few weeks I will be buying a 13" MBP. I love the 12" and I feel that it changed how I relate to my laptop since it was just so portable. But in the end I don't want two machines and I want to indulge in my disgusting browser tab habit and do everything else...

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