Any designers using 12" Macbook?

4 years ago from A Paul, Lead Designer

  • Harsh Agrawal, 4 years ago

    Hi... I was in your exact same situation a couple of months ago! I use a 2016 15" MBP for my job, and for my personal use, I was using my 2012 15" Retina MBP (1st gen, fully loaded). Not that my personal machine was slowing down or having any problems, but I was itching to switch to a much lighter + smaller machine, and I started fantasizing about the 12" Macbook. After much research and deliberation, I sold my personal machine for a still reasonable price and got very lucky with a 1-day flash sale for $1100 on a brand-new 2015 12" Macbook (Space Grey, 512GB RAM, 1.2GHz) at B&H.

    So far, I'm very pleased with my decision! I run Sketch on it regularly. I was also running Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC on it while I had the license. Not as zippy as the MBP obviously, but worked fine for occasional editing when processing speed was not an issue. If you're doing batch processing of RAW files, you'd definitely feel the pain. I'm running the Brackets HTML/CSS/JavaScript editor on my 12" Macbook, and it works great. I'm also running Audirvana+ audio processing software which is a MAJOR CPU + RAM hog, and it works awesome!

    The only issue would be the screen real-estate for some people. Not for me, though, because I like to run at higher resolution. Other than that, I don't envision you having any issues whatsoever with what you intend to do with it. In fact, you might even be plesantly surprised with its real performance, which seems to defy its specs on paper.

    Good luck!

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    • A Paul, 4 years ago

      Great to hear. As for screen real estate, I would hook up the computer to a monitor while doing heavy work, but use it for lighter tasks if I'm on the couch, in bed, or on the go.

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