• Skye SelbigerSkye Selbiger, almost 5 years ago

    Hey Piotr -

    Thanks for sharing this with the community. Criticism can come in various shapes and sizes, and not always in the most appropriate of ways.

    I think this is an interesting product, but I would agree that the UI feels outdated and the UX patterns not very conducive to a streamlined workflow.

    There are already plenty of tools that allow for quick ship apps and comps, so what makes yours more special? Why would I choose to use Kinetise over anything else?

    Also with a lot of products that auto-generate code for you, it often comes out as subpar, under performing, and poorly written. How would using your product ensure that this doesn't happen? Why should I take the risk?

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    • Piotr Pawlak, almost 5 years ago

      Hey Skye, thank you for your comment.

      So far I didn't come across any DIY tool allowing to build as advanced native mobile apps as Kinetise does. With dynamic connection to data sources, ability to handle offline scenarios, user authentication with OAuth 2.0, complex data structures, live GPS tracking, user roles and more - and all this without coding.

      Performance? You can optimise it yourself by deciding on content refreshing policies object by object. Then, test it out on the device without even installing Xcode/Android Studio for compilation.

      The basic concept here is to NOT follow the templates, but to build up your app from scratch brick by brick with the flexibility iOS/Android developers have.

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    • Piotr Pawlak, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

      Also, let me rephrase:

      • If you only need a clickable prototype, presenting look & feel and navigation - you'll probably not use Kinetise, there are plenty of tools, that can do that

      • If you are a fan of webapps/hybrid apps, and want to code them with HTML5 or JavaScript - you'll probably not use Kinetise as well, there are plenty of tools, which are based on coding

      • If you don't know how or don't want to code or don't have time to code, but still you need a mobile app - let me repeat invitation to check out Kinetise.

      • Or if you want a prototype, that shows not only look & feel and navigation, but also connection to data and actual data changing upon user actions - then feel invited as well. At some point you'll realize, you have not created only the prototype, but... the real app itself, and perhaps you don't need any further engineering work because you can just launch it.

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