What's it like working for a remote design team?

almost 4 years ago from Breena Fain, Writer, Creator, etc.

  • Mitch Malone, almost 4 years ago

    I just finished my first year working remotely.

    Benefits - More time with family - Living where you want to live is awesome - Fewer distractions

    Challenges - Video conferencing software can fail. I find Screenhero and Slack's call feature to be way better than Google Hangouts, Zoom, or any other video conf service out there. But it you can't use it all the time (i.e., for user testing) - Whiteboarding is tough. Although I just started using a service called realtimeboard.com that makes it a lot easier. Looks very promising. - There might be a perception of others that you can't do everything you want to do as a remote worker. You'll have to put in some effort to change this perception.

    Stray Thoughts - If your communication is solid to start, it's easy to transition.

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