What's it like working for a remote design team?

almost 4 years ago from Breena Fain, Writer, Creator, etc.

  • Kyle LKyle L, almost 4 years ago

    I have been working as a remote employee since 2012, and before that I was an independent freelancer before that.

    There are definitely a lot of pros and cons to consider.

    1. Not all remote teams are built the same. Just like there are different dynamics and cultures for in person jobs the same goes for a remote job.

    Places that have a remote culture or fully distributed team will be much more pleasant to work for. If everyone has to overcome the same communication barriers than your team has a better chance of coming together to set up a process that works for you. If you are one of the only remote teammates than your pain may not be felt across the board. The saying "out of site, out of mind" is very true if your team is in the office and you are not. Important decisions can be made over the "water cooler" or at lunch. When you are on a fully remote team you will feel more involved.

    1. Being intentional about communication and process is a must. For centrally located positions it is a lot easier to get spur of the moment feedback. As a remote employee tools like invision make life so much easier.

    2. Timezones can be a pain. The idea of a digital nomad is great but a lot of remote jobs still require overlap hours. The ability to hop on a call with a teammate to talk through something is huge. Async and threaded communication over slack and project management software is great but sometimes there is no replacement for hopping on a call. The other thing that may present challenges is if you are looking to work weird hours that don't align with the company you may have trouble finding some jobs.

    3. It can get lonely, I realized I didn't like working from home all day. I now go to a coworking space, where my friends work. If you are not introverted this may be a good option for you.

    4. If you are not good at communicating than remote life can be hard.

    5. In person meetups are so helpful. I have worked at places that I never met my coworkers face to face, I have also worked at companies that value retreats and meetups. Having in person interaction with people really helps.

    6. It can be challenging to level up or get promoted in some remote teams...

    All and all freedom and flexibility are awesome. I live in an area where the job market is not good for the kind of work that I want to do so this helps. But being remote is not perfect. I think a lot of people idealize it, there are definite cons and it can be very hard, it is definitely not for everyone. My wife and I are actually planning on moving to an area that there are more in-office jobs. I am happy not but I don't want to be a remote employee forever.

    Best of luck.

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