What's it like working for a remote design team?

almost 4 years ago from Breena Fain, Writer, Creator, etc.

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    ”It depends...”

    Worked at the same time both remote part-time and full time on-site for couple of years. Regarding the remote position, I was the designer for a software company, usually for new projects and/or sometimes support for ongoing projects, it was an outsourcing company. For me it was a very nice setup, we had Slack/Skype/Redmine/Facebook for communication and most of the times I was the sole designer for the project.

    For me the whole work process could differ based on the project, but usually I was attending all the initial meetings, then while working on the designs I would send work in progress both to developers and project manager/client, to have their feedback (Invision works pretty awesome for this part and helped me a lot, comments, user flows, etc). Once the design is approved by everyone I would share the sources with developers and just supervise their work.

    I also supervised two other designers, juniors at that time, tried to give them as much feedback as I could and tried to help them learn from my mistakes. A thing that was for me hard when collaborating with them was on designing specific things (the design for a landing page form/a particular icon or illustration), sometime I would just do myself all the stuff, rather than ask them to help me. I understood later that this was my mistake, so I would suggest if you work with other designers, first of all, it is better to have a style guide / design system and share often work in progress stuff, especially initial designs, like wireframes, concepts and rough mockups to ensure consistency and early feedback.

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