What do you do to fight pitch anxiety?

5 years ago from Breena Fain, Writer, Creator, etc.

  • Joanne Simmons, 5 years ago

    I recently tried medication for anxiety when going into a presentation, and the effects were freaking mind blowing.

    I've been suffering from worsening anxiety for the past few years, but stage freight is a monster on another level...and something I've struggled with since childhood. Hell, even doing daily standups threw me into heart palpitations.

    I've never taken medication of any sort my whole life for anxiety, but I decided to give it a try this time around. And so, I did what I normally do for presentations (practice practice practice), in addition to taking the medication.

    When it came time to present, I was astonished at how calm I was. No shaking, no heart palpitations, none of the physiological effects that I normally experienced. I was just...calm, which was ASTONISHING because I have never felt that way before.

    While I don't medication is the solution for everyone, if you have a history of struggling with anxiety, it might be something to consider. It won't help you with calming your mental state, but moreso the physiologically symptoms associated with anxiety.

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