Free Bootstrap Dashboard based on Angular 2(

over 4 years ago from Alex Paduraru, Managing Partner at Creative Code

  • Tyler RenfroTyler Renfro, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

    For sure. I think the dashboard looks great. Only asking because I've used the material framework a lot and I personally think it's amazing.

    Is there a specific reason why this is a CSS width based layout instead of flexbox? Flexbox is great, if you aren't using it yet, you should definitely look into it.

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    • Alex PaduraruAlex Paduraru, over 4 years ago

      Now I understand. Glad that you like it!

      We will check deeper the Material Angular, probably we will migrate our Material Dashboard to that too.

      It was built on BS3, that's why it is using the CSS width system, we are working also on the upgrade to BS4 which will contain flexbox. So it will become a better and better product based on great feedback like yours!

      Thank you!

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