AMA: Josh Brewer & Tim Van Damme - Abstract

almost 5 years ago from Tim Van Damme, Designer at Abstract

  • Matt Bond, almost 5 years ago

    Designers are super fickle. We all abandoned PS for Sketch pretty quickly (admittedly a better tool for UI design) and now Figma is a thing.

    Have you thought about what the world looks like for Abstract if we all move work to Figma in the next year or so? Some designers at Dropbox already exclusively work out of Figma.

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    • Josh BrewerJosh Brewer, almost 5 years ago

      I don't know about fickle. I think Designers are an curious, adaptable bunch, constantly looking for new and improved ways to do the work. And to be fair, there are still tons of people happily using Adobe products to do their work every day. With XD, I think that there is yet another potentially great tool for proper UI/UX design. Similarly, Figma has a different take on what the world looks like and some people are really enjoying that experience. However, the switching costs to move a whole team from one drawing tool to another is substantial and most teams are probably already feeling some switching fatigue.

      This is one big reason we chose to focus on solving the problem that all the tools continue to contribute to: binary files without version control and no good tool for file management and proper collaboration.

      We are constantly thinking about what the world looks like in the near-term and a little further out, and we think that Abstract will be there supporting as many of these tools as we can!

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