AMA: Josh Brewer & Tim Van Damme - Abstract

almost 5 years ago from Tim Van Damme, Designer at Abstract

  • Josh BrewerJosh Brewer, almost 5 years ago

    We are very thankful for the companies that have tried to tackle this in the past. LayerVault and Pixelapse are probably the two that stand out the most. In both cases, the products took a sync-based approach and lacked an understanding of what had actually changed from one version of a file to the next. As well, they didn't offer the concepts that most people would expect from a version control system such as commits, branches, merging, diffs, etc.

    We started with the belief that in order to do proper version control for Designers, we needed to understand the entire file and be tightly integrated into the tools Designers use every day (we started with Sketch, working on more formats).

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