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over 6 years ago from Andreas Storm, Designer

  • Alex Tomlinson, over 6 years ago

    I'm a big fan of this. There just aren't enough organic shapes on the internet these days.

    If I'm being super picky, I'd say you could do with a little more help for users to know that clicking on the partial to the right hand side will advance through the project.

    Also, I just wanted to compliment this so much I finally signed up for an account for DN so hi everyone!

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    • Rogie KingRogie King, over 6 years ago

      Alex, great point regarding advancing through projects! I really was hoping to be more of a UI-less experience. Less button-y buttons and icons and more intuitive...but it may prove that just putting a button, pagination dots, or arrow will just be clearer. Cheers!

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