Portfolio Rogie King(rog.ie)

over 6 years ago from Andreas Storm, Designer

  • Rogie KingRogie King, over 6 years ago

    Glad to see designers have such a great attention to detail and issues! This is definitely one of those...push early and you know its a bit busted, but I need the kick in the ass to finish it sort of moments.

    That being said, all your critiques are hitting all the right notes, which tells me you actually gave it some serious thought. Will be addressing ALL of these issues.

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    • Ste GrainerSte Grainer, over 6 years ago

      I figured this was still very early so hopefully my suggestions didn't come across as major issues. None of them are dealbreakers and your portfolio is already worlds better than most I've seen.

      As someone who is constantly tinkering with and attempting to improve my own site(s), I completely understand. There's no such thing as done with web design. ;) Feel free to poke me on twitter or my own website (stegrainer.com) for follow-up anytime.

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