Inbbbox for Dribbble has launched

almost 5 years ago from Bartek Bialek, Designer @Netguru

  • Bartek Bialek, almost 5 years ago

    Thanks Darren for your insights - and feedback, it is welcome and very helpfull

    a) You can adjust your stream in the settings By default all sources are enabled - we are tracking how often users are using settings to adjust their stream, what are the choices and in the future if necessary we will adjust default settings to match the most common scenario.

    b) Thats something we have and will work on - we are beyond just implementing feature and we spent some time polishing deadzones, active areas etc but as you notice this is something that needs to be improved. We ware quite intensively testing this feature & implementation for a couple of months and this something that indeed requires some proficiency & feel. We observed this comes quickly after using app for some time. Clickable icons below the shots are on our development pipeline atm ;)

    c) This may seem like a bug or individual thingy. I encourage you to send us more detailed feedback (including device & OS version) via in-app feedback feature we will look into this. I don't want you to miss on those great gifs


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