• Apurv RayApurv Ray, over 4 years ago

    I was roped into leading design at a startup straight of out Graduate Design School and the pay was pretty decent so I took it. It was at their R&D office in India and I was coming out of a Design Strategy and Innovation masters plus a 6-month co-op in an innovation department at a large Italian company.

    The people at the company had no idea about what user-centered design means and would ignore all my suggestions and then when it didn't pan out with the executives in NYC would throw me under the bus. I had no way of escaping the chain of command in India nad convince people at the HQ and during the three months there I was at a very very dark place.

    I started questioning my own skills and everything design school and previous work experience had taught me. That is when I said enough and quit the job. It might have been a really juicy paycheck in India but if you don't get to the do the work that you love and became a designer for these reasons in the first place ... PLEASE LEAVE.

    No amount of money would restore your confidence if you let the incompetence of others damage it. If you're not happy, leave. Something better will always come along. Trust your guts.

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    • Nakkeeran Raveendran, over 4 years ago

      Apurv, I totally feel your pain. A few of my clients are from India too. Most of them have been great while a few turned out to incredibly hard to work with because of their lack of appreciation for design and constantly suggesting bad design orders (not even requests)

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