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    I graduated from college in 94. In Toronto at the time, it was very difficult to find any kind of position as a designer. It was the tail-end of a recent recession, and no one was hiring. I spent the year between 94-95 pounding the pavement and getting a lot of rejections. 'What real work have you done?' was a question I heard more than a few times. Well. I just graduated! Exactly what kind of real work have I had a chance to work on yet? I finally lucked out and got a gig designing billboards. It was a perfect 1st job in design. But within a few short months, the company decided to re-locate to Texas of all places (a long way from Toronto).

    So it was back to pounding the pavement again.

    The 2nd time was easier. Now I had some legit work in my folio that I'd done for real clients.

    the next job was doing photoshop work for a photography company. Fixing and repairing old destroyed photographs. Not much for creativity, but was huge in building my knowledge and speed in Photoshop.

    AAAAAND the company went under. 4 months in again....

    This time I was saved by a super fantastic Asst Manager at the place.... We'd become great friends, and he marched my ass upstairs to an Ad-Agency on the floor above us. 'The word is you guys are looking for a new Junior Designer...well this guys the best'.... I started work at the Ad Agency the very next day. That act of kindness...I've never forgotten it, and have payed it forward as much as possible. (and also was able to track down, years later, that Asst Manager and thank him from the bottom of my heart)

    aaaaand that ad-agency went under 6 months later.

    Seeing a trend here?

    the mid to late 90's had a huuuuge amount of small boutique Ad and Design agencies. I was able to go and work at several of them over the next few years. Some would last, most would not. But at each one, I learned something.

    The lingering effect of all this was fear. Fear that my current job was not going to last. Fear that my understanding girl-friend would finally leave. Fear that her Dad would say 'jesus...what's wrong with this guy...why can't he keep a job?' Fear that this career I'd chosen wasn't exactly the most stable.

    I finally achieved some stability in 97, working with some old friends from that Ad-Agency that started their own firm. that lasted 2 full years, and allowed me the money and whatnot to finally get on my feet, and lead me to the next gig that propelled me into a great career. in 1999, i joined a large consulting firm that was looking to get into offering design. it was the begining of the dot-com boom, and man.... it took my career into overdrive.

    the TL/DR of all this, is despite all the setbacks, I knew from the beginning that this was the career for me. You just have to stick with it. Never give up, and keep pushing forward. Learn EVERYTHING you can.

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      Hey Tyson. Thanks for sharing. Well on you to keep trying despite all the downfalls. During the short terms did you ever question your own luck?

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