The Macbook Pro is a Lie(

almost 5 years ago from Sam Solomon, Product Designer at SalesLoft

  • Michael Dorian Bach, almost 5 years ago

    Our studio just picked up a 13 MBP without the Touch Bar. After using it extensively for a week, this machine is better then the old one in every way. It's just so much more refined. From the keyboard to the screen. The base model is plenty fast for most design tasks. Yes, I do miss the Magsafe, but usually not a big deal when the machine is docked on the desk. And battery is good enough for when I'm not at the desk. Colleague came by with the older model and it felt old. From the wobbly keys and tolerances to the weight and size.

    We have a few 15 Pros with Touch Bar coming in soon and after using this 13, I'm genuinely excited.

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