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  • Darby ✌Darby ✌, over 6 years ago

    I want to start off by saying that I agree, I believe that civil discourse is increasingly difficult in the United States. You're right, if everyone was sincerely interested in learning from one another we'd all be much better for it.

    I think you're asking "why aren't there conservative women in this project?" and my response is "what makes you think there aren't?". Most women in the project didn't identify their party affiliation or state if their worldview is conservative or liberal. There are hundreds of reasons for a conservative woman to be pro-Hillary and many are included in the interviews.

    Another possible answer to "why aren't there conservative women in this project" is something that many, many women in the project alluded to: women know if they openly support Hillary they will be harassed or be in physical danger. The secret Hillary club in red states is a real phenomenon. Women in the project say they're afraid to do things like put a Hillary yard sign in their lawn. It's understandable why a woman who is afraid of her aggressively anti-Hillary boyfriend, spouse, or community would not want to participate in a portrait project.

    I think you're coming from a good place. You want bi-partisanship. Rad, so do I. But it feels like you're looking for a way to invalidate a project that is a platform for queer, trans, senior, and ethnically diverse women to share what's on the line for them this election. Women who are not often featured on talk shows or in the press. Who have valid, real, fears about this election. And it's a bummer you're ignoring them.

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    • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 6 years ago

      You make excellent points, but I guess my point is that there are women who ARE voting for Trump or at least don't want Hillary. I don't agree with them, but this site is not described as a non-partisan site for women supporting Hillary.

      I think the project is great. I in no way want to invalidate the project, I would just prefer it to be more accurately described so that women who don't fit in won't feel dismissed. I am in no way ignoring these people, I am pointing out a (surprisingly large) subset of women who ARE being ignored.

      I'm afraid for the direction our country is going in regards to political conversation and debate, and the way I hear my fellow progressives (sometimes including myself) talk about people who disagree with them is disheartening. I think there is a lot of room for a platform that allows discussions between women who disagree on these issues to talk safely and actually hear each other out. Perhaps that is not this website, but then it should be made clear that this is a site for supporting Hillary regardless of political affiliation.

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